About Us

We support healthcare providers with expertise, data, and proactive practice management that safeguards independent provider revenue streams and ensures patient care is never diluted due to level of access

Whether it’s to increase reimbursements, renegotiate your rates, or find leakages in your revenue cycle, our team will navigate your individual concerns and review what can help you grow. As your partner, we’ll develop a plan that’s unique to you with the goal to strengthen your portfolio long-term

We’ve negotiated over 50,000 contracts in all 50 states
with experts across a myriad of disciplines in the healthcare industry.
We’ll fix blind spots in your revenue cycle.
Our team knows where to find leaks in your revenue, and can help set your revenue cycle up for future success.
We’re your eyes in the industry.
No matter where changes in the industry or market occur, our team will help you adapt.

PayrHealth Services

Full Service Practice Management

Health systems can commit millions towards payor relationships, whereas independent providers are usually priced out.

We’ve developed a comprehensive and all-encompassing package that stays ahead of industry changes that can impact your practice the most.

Payor Portfolio Management

Payor relationships have the potential to dramatically shape independent practices and their revenue cycles.

Our team of experts can take a look at individual or grouped contracts and assess where certain changes can lead to a positive impact for your practice.

Revenue Cycle Management

As an independent provider, your bottom line is critical to ensuring sustainable and high-quality patient care.

Payrhealth has the data and expertise to help you make informed decisions and ensure you receive maximum compensation from payors in your market.

Ready to Get Started?

Our experts are standing by to start developing your custom plan. If you’re still trying to understand more about our services, try visiting some of our case studies or our blog dedicated to client education and industry trends.