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How Confident Are You That You Are Getting Paid Fair Market Value For Your Services

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In the complex and constantly developing universe of healthcare, guaranteeing that you get honest assessments for your services is basic. Exploring the complexities of payor contracts and negotiations can be overpowering, which is where PayrHealth steps in. Our master group follows an extensive six-step process to dissect, plan, and upgrade your contract negotiations. With our specific methodology, we plan to work on the financial results of your practice, tending to difficulties like reimbursement cuts and oversaw care pressures. This article outlines how PayrHealth’s aptitude can assist you with settling on informed business choices and securing the reimbursements you merit.

Ensuring Fair Compensation

Regarding providing support throughout the contract review process, our team at PayrHealth employs a straightforward six-step process. Our team of professionals ensures you are paid what you are entitled to. They will do everything from reviewing your contracts to developing a negotiation strategy.

6-Step Payor Contract Analysis

  • Payor Matrix Development and Economic Testing
  • Score Matrix Analysis Against Economic Testing
  • Prepare a strategy for the negotiation.
  • Update on the Negotiation of the Contract
  • Testing of the Matrix and the Economy

Incorporating change and improvement into the day-to-day operations of physician practices can be challenging. The revenue cycle needs process improvements due to several factors, including decreases in reimbursement (due to cuts in funding for Medicare and Medicaid), increases in the population of individuals who do not have health insurance, decreases in margins, and pressures from managed care organizations.

Hundreds of physicians have benefited from our assistance in making better business decisions. These physicians include hospital-employed physicians and large single and multi-specialty practice groups. When we provide managed care contracting services customized to meet your practice’s requirements, we examine every facet of your payor contracts in search of ways to enhance the reimbursements you receive from your payors.


In the constantly shifting healthcare landscape, you require a company capable of resolving the problematic issues occurring right now and assisting you in planning and innovating for the future. Just that is what we do here at PayrHealth. Because payor contracting is a laborious process that requires a tremendous number of steps, followed by many follow-up steps, our specialists in the field will handle it for you. They know how to interact with payors, who are frequently more receptive to negotiations regarding reimbursement that benefit both parties than you might think.

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