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Sometimes Flexible Fits Better Than Full-Time

Do You Manage Your Contracts?

I Do, but I'm Not an Expert. I Would, but I Don't Have Time. I Try, but I Don't Have the Resources. I Don’t, but I Know I Should.

>55% of provider organizations reported not having adequate resources dedicated to payor contracting in a recent survey we conducted.

We Fit Your Evolving Needs

Fitting Your Needs

Having served organizations of all shapes and sizes, we’ve developed the ability to support provider organizations at any stage.

Whether we become your contracting team or integrate with your internal resources, we deliver value from day one.

Return on Investment (ROI) isn’t an issue when you’re investing in accessing new markets and getting paid better rates. 

Outsource your managed care contracting to PayrHealth

Resources are Expensive

Team Investments

Sourcing and hiring a full-time team is expensive. Not only is experienced talent difficult to find, but the costs beyond Salary and Bonus can be material (potentially 25%+).

Having the right data to enable your team is another fixed cost that could be out of reach for many organizations.

PayrHealth gives you a talented team equipped with the right tools.

Provider Contracting Manager

$153k National Average Total Cost (% of Total) 2020

Complete Payor Management Catalysts



Founders have countless priorities, let us take a critical one off your list.



New geographies or services call for new contracts.



Difficulty sourcing full-time talent with relevant experience and cultural fit.



Having the right talent and data is expensive, but not nearly as expensive as neglecting your contracts.

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We can help you secure, negotiate, and re-negotiate your contracts. Managing payor relationships can be a full time job, but with us in your corner it doesn’t have to be. 

Case Study Spotlight


Texas-based ASC, Advanced Pain Care, took on payor contracting with PayrHealth and successfully renegotiated rates, secured 26 contracts, and accessed 3+ million lives.

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