Expert payor contracting services for cardiology practices throughout the U.S.

Pain points and problems facing the industry

Cardiologists are often at the forefront of advanced medical care. Specializing in diagnosing, treating, and managing heart and cardiovascular disease, they play an important role in their patients’ care plan. However, cardiology practices can face significant pain points when it comes to fitting that care plan within an exceedingly challenging authorization and billing process.

Treatment & Billing Guidelines

Outsource your billing process and get expert support on complex treatment reimbursement policies.

Contract Negotiation

Negotiate better contracts, grow your presence, and maximize your revenue cycle.

Claim Denials

Reduce claim denials and let our team give them the attention they deserve.

Authorizations and Referrals

Rely on our expert team to streamline your authorization and referral processes.

Rely on our team of advanced experts

Cardiology practices can rely on expert help from PayrHealth
and relieve some of the administrative burden that strains resources and takes
away from patient care. Getting patients the care they need is essential to
helping them live long and fulfilling lives – and our team can help manage your
payor contracts (helping you negotiate more effectively) and navigate complex
billing and authorization processes. That way, you can ensure you get the
reimbursements you need, maximize your revenue cycle, and grow your practice.

Why should you reach out to PayrHealth for assistance?

PayrHealth’s team includes industry experts dedicated to helping your practice thrive. With deep experience in billing, claims, payor contracts, and more, our team is equipped to help you streamline your processes and grow your practice the way you want. By partnering with us, your team can focus more on providing essential care and less on the ways that administrative tasks like contracts and billing can leave you with fewer resources.

Our unique onboarding process​


When you meet with our team of healthcare industry experts, you’ll begin a long-lasting relationship built on helping your practice grow. During our onboarding process, we’ll gather details about your cardiology practice and help you develop a data-driven strategy with real, tangible steps and measurable markers of success. At every step, our team is here to help steer your practice and provide the resources you need to focus on patient satisfaction.



Onboarding will grant us the opportunity to meet your dedicated team and complete our preparation package


Strategy consists of jointly identifying customer goals to develop prioritized payer contract targets

Payor Coordination

Payor Coordination sets us up as an extension of your team to navigate the labyrinth of payer representatives

Process Reporting

Process Reporting strengthens your payer portfolio to yield more patients and higher reimbursements


Growth and real-time status updates and bi-weekly meetings track progress and updates our strategy

Additional industries we serve

Our experience is as broad as it is deep. We’ve worked with nearly every healthcare provider type and many different industries, giving us unparalleled capacity to deliver success to your specialty quickly.

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Enterprise-Physician Groups

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PayrHealth does a tremendous job. Their associates are efficient and easy to work with. I would highly recommend their services."

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