Obstetrics & Gynecology

Personalized payor contracting for obstetrics and gynecology providers around the U.S.

Pain points and problems facing the industry

Gynecology and obstetrics practices are key providers in the growing field of women’s health. From reproductive health to pregnancy and childbirth, OB/GYNs focus on supporting women at every stage of life – including providing specialized care when it comes to reproductive and intimate health conditions or even complex pregnancies. 

Obstetrics and gynecology practices are essential to women’s wellbeing but can face unique challenges when it comes to payors, contracts, coverage, and more.

Billing & Coding

Get expert help with accurate OB/GYN billing and coding, ensuring you get reimbursements on time.

Contract Negotiation

Negotiate better contracts for better network placement, reimbursement rates, coverage, and more.


Relieve the time-consuming responsibility of credentialing from your providers and allow our team to help.

Revenue Cycle Management

Boost cash flow and get expert insights on ways your practice can continue to grow.

By partnering with PayrHealth, OB/GYNs and women’s health providers can get expert support in administrative functions that draw resources away from providing top-tier care. By relying on our healthcare industry experts, you can get better results from your billing and coding processes, reimbursements, and revenue cycle efforts – as well as expert help navigating the changing landscape of women’s health coverage. Being available for your patients is key to ensuring they have a great experience – PayrHealth can help you offer a memorable and reliable experience by ensuring your team can focus on providing care, not the many ways that payor contracts can limit the success of your practice.

Why partner with PayrHealth?

At PayrHealth, we have combined decades of healthcare industry experience. Our team can help you streamline administrative tasks and boost efficiency so your team can focus on what matters. Whether it’s managing payor contracts, billing and coding, credentialing, and more, our team can help you personalize your services so we can fit your practice’s exact needs. With successful strategies going forward, your OB/GYN practice can thrive and grow in your area.

Onboarding with our team

During our onboarding process, our team will learn every facet of your practice so we can provide a pathway to success. We’ll discuss your pain points and how we can best meet your needs with our extensive experience and long-term commitment to your practice.



Onboarding will grant us the opportunity to meet your dedicated team and complete our preparation package


Strategy consists of jointly identifying customer goals to develop prioritized payer contract targets

Payor Coordination

Payor Coordination sets us up as an extension of your team to navigate the labyrinth of payer representatives

Process Reporting

Process Reporting strengthens your payer portfolio to yield more patients and higher reimbursements


Growth and real-time status updates and bi-weekly meetings track progress and updates our strategy

Additional industries we serve

Our experience is as broad as it is deep. We’ve worked with nearly every healthcare provider type and many different industries, giving us unparalleled capacity to deliver success to your specialty quickly.

Office-Based Physician Groups

Internal & Family Medicine






Urgent Care




Hospital-Based Physician Groups

Emergency Medicine



Post-Acute Care


Enterprise-Physician Groups

Health System Employed Physician Groups

National Multi-Speciality Practices

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PayrHealth is uniquely suited to provide help for small to medium independent healthcare providers across the United States. We partner with a diverse group across healthcare industries, from urology to durable medical equipment (DME) providers. 
New practices also benefit from Complete Payor management, securing the best contracts from the start without ever having to worry about billing, claim submission, or credentialing. Whether you see 50 or 5000 patients, we can be your partner for payor contracting and revenue cycle management. 

Complete Payor Management gives you the same resources health systems have, including full-service Revenue Cycle Management and Payor Portfolio Management. With Complete Payor Management, we become a partner to practices, providing complete support to help them manage payor relationships and increase reimbursements 

PayrHealth does a tremendous job. Their associates are efficient and easy to work with. I would highly recommend their services."

Complete Payor Management Resources

Our team is full of thought leaders and industry experts who share what you should know about the changes and best practices of running a financially successful medical practice.