Contract Negotiations

Secure competitive payor contracts for the best rates and increased access to new patients

What is Contract Negotiation?

Whether you’re looking to renegotiate a current contract or expand your practice with new ones, negotiating is a powerful way to lock in low rates to boost revenue year over year. PayrHealth helps healthcare providers of all sizes and industries secure competitive contracts while being transparent with you throughout the process.

Many independent providers (IPs) don’t think they have the leverage or knowledge to be able to negotiate with payors. They spend years with high rates and minimal reimbursement that stalls their ability to grow while remaining independent. Large healthcare networks have entire departments dedicated to securing the best contracts and keeping reimbursement at maximum levels, and by partnering with our team of expert contract negotiators, you have access to the same resources they do.

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Increase in revenue

We’ve negotiated 50K contracts in all 50 states with experts across a myriad of disciplines in the healthcare industry.

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Decrease in AR Days

Our team knows where to find leaks in your revenue, and can help set your cycle up for future success.

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Visits Billed Within 24 Hrs

No matter where changes in the industry occur, our team will adapt your plan.

Independent health providers are ideal candidates for contract renegotiations. By accessing the same data and resources large networks possess, you gain a competitive advantage that can help practices increase revenue significantly. Whether you have a specific contract in mind that you want to re-do  or a new one you want to obtain, PayrHealth can partner with you to secure optimized contracts with minimal work on your end.

Free up your team’s time and energy to focus on patient care by outsourcing contracting services to our dedicated team of experts.

What's The Benefit Of Contract Negotiations?

The simple fact is that those who can effectively negotiate payor contracts get paid more each year. Optimizing your whole contract portfolio is a sustainable, scalable way to increase revenue year over year and grow independent providers’ reach.

Because the healthcare industry is a constantly changing environment, simply negotiating a contract once and never touching it again is not an option for those who want to grow their practice. We’re uniquely structured to be proactive in negotiating contracts with payor portfolio management, always watching for legislative, corporate, or regional changes that can affect your contacts and negotiate around these fluctuations to secure strategic, prime contracts.

Contract Services

Case Study

$500K Revenue Increase In A Single Year

Bone & Joint Surgery Center of Novi wanted to renegotiate their top three revenue-producing payer contracts, and PayrHealth’s experience brought an increased reimbursement, realizing a double-digit percentage increase to their major contracts.

Our experience with PayrHealth was spectacular! Not only are they affordable for ASC’s, they fully understand insurance contract negotiations while offering a software that allows you to analyze your current contracts.”

About PayrHealth

PayrHealth is an all-in-one payor relationship management solution. We strategically and proactively manage contracts, payor relationships, and revenue cycles to help level the playing field between independent providers and payors.​

U.S. Based

Meet with a team that understands your unique needs wherever you are.

Deep Experience

Our team covers and have solved problems in a wide-ranging variety of provider industries.

Small & Medium Size Providers

We look out for those who need our services and expertise the most.

Growth Focused

We’re a growing company, too! We focus on your growth and aim to be a dependable partner for years to come. 

PayrHealth's Unique Approach To Contract Negotiations

At PayrHealth, we use the most up-to-date data of the payor landscape to drive our contracting negotiations. We analyze your market position to identify contracts of potentially high growth with negotiating or renegotiating them.  Based on the options available in your region as well as considering patient experience and overall cost, we then create a value proposition proposal that outlines our plan so you can follow up with us as we begin the process.

We handle all communication, escalations, and negotiations with payors throughout the process and keep you updated with regular check-ins about our progress. Our proprietary software continuously evaluates your contracts to discover new opportunities for increases where needed, helping provide a steady increase in revenue in the long run.

Along with analyzing your current contracts, we also handle credentialing and enrollment with new and renewed contracts, as well as access to our benchmarks for reimbursement to ensure we’re hitting our goals for your revenue growth.

We analyze your market position and identify high growth opportunities, efficiently negotiating and renegotiating your contacts.

Our Process


Revenue cycles are anything but straightforward. Bring our experts in to look at your books and where the leakage is occurring.


Revenue cycles are anything but straightforward. Bring our experts in to look at your books and where the leakage is occurring.


Revenue cycles are anything but straightforward. Bring our experts in to look at your books and where the leakage is occurring.


Revenue cycles are anything but straightforward. Bring our experts in to look at your books and where the leakage is occurring.


Revenue cycles are anything but straightforward. Bring our experts in to look at your books and where the leakage is occurring.


Expanded Benefits of Payor Portfolio Management

While many IPs see the benefit of negotiating or renegotiating a few contracts, most only think in terms of one-and-done strategies for getting better contracts. However, for the same monthly cost as a project-based engagement, you can have your entire payor portfolio analyzed and continuously monitored for changes in the industry that affect your contracts and could provide new opportunities for increased revenue.

Payor portfolio management (PPM) includes a comprehensive data review of your contracts and all the benefits of contract negotiations. With PPM, you gain access to our proactive market analyses while we continue to handle all of your contracts and look out for new contracts that can help you access more patients in more places in the country. Having negotiated over 50,000 contracts in all 50 states, we have the experience to help IPs achieve sustainable, robust growth.

How To Begin

Your partnership with PayrHealth begins with a phone call or our online contact form. We believe that independent providers should have access to the same data that big networks have in order to negotiate the best rates and gain new patients by securing contracts with new payors. By starting a relationship with PayrHealth, you gain experts who work as your outsourced payor management team, taking the burden off you and your team and freeing up time and energy to devote to more pressing needs.

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