Healthcare Payer Contracting

Boost your revenue and get paid faster with better payor contracts.

Payor Portfolio Review

We analyze your contract portfolio to prioritize outdated contracts and opportunities for better terms with real-time market data.

Negotiations & Renegotiations

Don’t worry about following up with or tracking down contacts at insurance companies any more with our team handling all negotiations.

Credentialing Services

Complete provider credentialing services allow your team to focus on care while we handle the paperwork.

Proactive Contract Maintenance

With up-to-date market research, we’re able to identify which of your contracts have new opportunities to increase revenue.

We provide a proven process so you can focus on excellence in patient care.

What PayrHealth can deliver to your payor contracting

Healthcare providers often lack the resources and labor capacity to negotiate competitive terms with health plans. With PayrHealth, we bridge the gap to bring reasonable and profitable terms to both parties with our expertise and experience.

Better Capacity

Our team expands your capabilities to analyze and track your contracts.

Revenue Increases

Enhance your reimbursement with more competitive contracts.

Data-Driven Negotiations

Our database of market rates and existing relationships with health plans allow us to negotiate the best terms.

Hassle-Free Communications

We have the connections and contacts to get results quickly and with little to no runaround.

Payor contracting strategy custom-built by our team of industry experts.

As PayrHealth has grown over the past several decades, we have acquired teams dedicated exclusively to delivering the gold standard in payor contracting and contract negotiations. Our process is backed by our expertise and our continuing pursuit of excellence.


Gain a deep understanding of our market and payors

The process starts with an in-depth analysis of your current contract portfolio, identifying key contracts to re-negotiate and areas of potential growth and new patient acquisition with new contracts. We’ll formulate a value proposition that gives a clear outline of the results of our analysis and goals for your contract portfolio.

Develop relationships with payors

Once we have agreed on a strategy, we begin the work of negotiating or renegotiating with payors, requesting new contracts, escalating when receiving denials, and counter-proposing. We will keep you updated throughout this process and have you review and sign new contract terms when they are accepted by the payor.

Report on progress

With PPM, you get regular check-ins with our team to discuss progress and to keep everyone aligned with your goals and our deliverables. Each quarter, we’ll also have a comprehensive report on the results and progress of our strategy, which can shift as the landscape of your payor marketplace evolves.


When you have competitive rates and reasonable terms, your payor contracts drive revenue growth with better rates and faster reimbursement for your services. This helps independent providers scale, tapping into new markets, specialties, and patients for long-term success and sustainable growth.

We've negotiated over 50,000 contracts in all 50 states.

Our payor contractors have been on both sides of the table, and even on the streets helping to build networks for health plans as well as providing care to patients. Meet our experts by contacting us today.

Armando Cardoso

Chief Executive Officer

Pat Apodaca

Chief Strategy & People Officer

Sandra Bonola

Senior Vice President of Managed Care Contracting & Strategy

Very responsive and focused on customer needs. They have a great reputation for excellent customer service. I phoned them and they called me back immediately and gave me the information I needed.

Areas of expertise in 275+ specialties.

We’ve helped hundreds of practices of all types and industries improve their ROI on contracts with our expertise and capabilities. Our broad experience in all 50 states makes us leaders in serving all these healthcare providers and more:

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Behavioral Health

Urgent Care Centers

Imaging Centers

Rural Hospitals

Home Health


Physical Therapy

Independent PCP

Pain Management

Addiction Management











Emergency Medicine

Plastic Surgery




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Payor portfolio management is a personalized process, since every healthcare provider is unique. Help us get to know your unique circumstances by contacting us today.