Revenue Cycle Management

Stop revenue leaks and get your reimbursements in a timely manner with revenue cycle management.

Medical Coding

PayrHealth has the latest coding standards and can ensure every reimbursable service you provide is compensated by your payors.

Data & Reporting

Get up-to-date transparent reports on accounts payable so you know exactly where your money is and what you’re still waiting on.

Bill & Claims Submission

Our team takes over the bill and claims submission process with automated tools to make the process clean and consistent.


We handle any and all credentialing needs you may have so you can offer the new services you want quickly.

Establishing a complete picture of
your cash flow and ROI.

PayrHealth’s complete revenue cycle management service gives your team the time and tools to get to the bottom of how revenue leakage is affecting your return on investment.

Identified challenges to revenue cycle management.

Time-consuming, tedious tasks like billing and claims submission are critical to ensuring you’re paid what you’re owed for providing health care. Our team of industry veterans will keep track of all bills and claims and pursue payments on your behalf to help you close revenue gaps.

Revenue Peace of Mind

With a full-service RCM provider, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want at any point in the billing cycle.


Many providers fear they may not be getting all the reimbursement they’re contracted for due to a lack of awareness of applicable codes.

RCM Experts

Some have tried outsourcing revenue cycle management without success. Our team dedicates specific experts to your practice to be as transparent and accessible as possible.

Unpaid Claims

Errors on submission forms or an oversight by the health plan can lead to lost revenue.

Data-Driven Results

Once our revenue analysis is complete, you’ll know exactly how you’re making money and where should go in your practice.

Revenue cycle management from a devoted team of industry experts.

As PayrHealth has grown over the past several decades, we have acquired teams dedicated exclusively to delivering the gold standard in revenue cycle management. Our process is backed by our expertise and our continuing pursuit of excellence.


Analyze the current revenue cycle

We don’t strategize in a vacuum, but rather using your data and desired goals, we create a set of priorities that give you the most benefit as quickly as possible. Our team is then onboarded so we can take over the day-to-day billing and credentialing tasks and help your practice focus on what matters most.

Iterate and streamline

Every practice is unique and will have ongoing opportunities to make things easier, which is why we’ve built process improvements into our RCM service. As your practice grows, we’ll advise and improve the collection process to make things even easier in the long run.

Report with transparency

We meet monthly with your team to give you key metrics and make sure you understand the state of your revenue cycle. Our reports allow us to build progress toward your goals with data that matters.

Solutions for physician groups of all sizes

Our RCM services are designed for both independent providers and enterprise groups that look to gain a revenue advantage. It’s no secret that attention to customer service, meaningful data, and having industry-leading expertise in your corner can help improve your health system.

Office-Based Physician Groups

Internal & Family Medicine






Urgent Care




Hospital-Based Physician Groups

Emergency Medicine



Post-Acute Care


Enterprise-Physician Groups

Health System Employed Physician Groups

National Multi-Speciality Practices

Employ our expert team to your revenue cycle.

Our leaders in revenue cycle management have decades of experience working exclusively in the RCM space and building a robust infrastructure to allow our team to scale your practice’s efforts to improve your ROI. Meet the real people who will help your practice grow with revenue cycle management.

Armando Cardoso

Chief Executive Officer

Pat Apodaca

Chief Strategy Officer

Melissa Peterson

Senior Vice President, RCM

PayrHealth does a tremendous job. Their associates are efficient and easy to work with. I would highly recommend their services."

Revenue cycle management resources from our industry experts.

Our team is full of thought leaders and industry experts who share what you should know about the changes and best practices of running a financially successful medical practice.

Get the reimbursement you deserve with revenue cycle management.

Whether you know it or not, your practice may not be getting every dollar you could be. Meet our team and find out how we can help you grow today.