Case Study:
Renegotiating payor Agreements

Michigan multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center (ASC) succeeds in renegotiating top payor agreements that significantly increase revenue

Provider Type: ASC

Specialty: Orthopedic, Podiatric, and Pain Management

Number of Surgeons: 21

Headquarters: Novi, MI

What Bone and Joint Surgery Center of Novi Says about PayrHealth

Our experience with PayrHealth was spectacular! Not only are they affordable for ASC’s, they fully understand insurance contract negotiations while offering a software that allows you to analyze your current contracts with billed CPT’s to discover where increases are needed. You can trust that they will provide excellent advice and deliver results fast!”

Colleen Ramirez, RN, CASC
Chief Administration Officer


Bone and Joint Surgery Center of Novi knew they wanted to renegotiate their top three revenue-producing payor contracts, but didn’t have the time or tooling to dedicate towards a successful renegotiation effort.


Bone and Joint Surgery Center of Novi utilized PayrHealth’ experience and expertise to create a strategy. PayrHealth provided a comparison analysis for three of Bone and Joint’s commercial payors. PayrHealth also provided an analysis detailing the original contracted rates vs. the new proposed rate by payor.


Leveraging PayrHealth’ tools and support, Bone and Joint Surgery Center of Novi obtained increased reimbursement on major contracts. They realized a double-digit percentage increase. 

$ 0 K+
Increase in Revenue in a Single Year

About Bone and Joint Surgery Center of Novi

Bone and Joint Surgery Center of Novi is the premier ASC for a series of specialty services including Spine, Hand, Laser, Orthopedic, Pain Management, and Podiatry in Novi, MI. 

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