Dekhtyar, M.D., SC & Associates combines RCM & payor contracting services to improve revenue

Aleksandr Dekhtyar, M.D., SC & Associates

Provider Type

Physician Group


Private general psychiatrist, personal growth and well-being enhancement, couples’ therapy, marriage counseling, life coaching for people in crisis, psychological improvement in patients’ lifestyles


Elgin, IL

About the Client

Dr. Dekhtyar is a private general psychiatrist affiliated with multiple behavioral health centers and mental health clinics in Elgin, IL, on the northwest side of Chicago. His team’s services include personal growth and well-being enhancement as well as couples’ therapy, marriage counseling, and life coaching for people in crisis as well as those who seek a psychological improvement in their lifestyle.

96% increase in receivables

2% claims denial rate with automatic resubmission policy

Client Need

The client approached PayrHealth with a number of pain points they wished to find solutions for. These included: filing claims in a timely manner, following up on unpaid receivables on the A/R books, clarifying and solidifying financial procedures, implementing more accurate and consistent patient billing practices, enhancing the ability for patients to inquire about payments and comments, making claim turnaround time faster, creating a regulated and consistent payment auditing process. In general, the client wanted a more consistent, transparent, and actionable way to process payments and interact with patients than their own systems and processes had allowed them to up until this point.

PayrHealth's Solution

92% "clean claims" ratio - claims approved on the first submission

PayrHealth’s solution was to enroll Dr. Dekhtyar into our comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution to offload the responsibility of in-house team members to create repeatable, consistent procedure standards in financial records and patient relationship management. Our internal infrastructure took over their billing services and extended the service offerings they could provide for their patients while reducing the administrative burden of tedious and confusing tasks.

Key Services Utilized

Revenue Cycle Management


Client Outcome

Once Payrhealth took over, the receivables increased by 96%. Since partnering with PayrHealth, Dr. Dekhtyar’s practice has achieved a 92% “clean claims” ratio, meaning the claims we submit on their behalf are overwhelmingly approved on first submission, reducing the time they’re reimbursed to less than two months on average. We’ve also helped their practice achieve a 2% claims denial rate, and with our automatic resubmission policy, the total number of unbilled claims falls to 0.6%. In addition to these quantitative victories, we’ve also helped their office staff re-focus on what matters most to Dr. Dekhtyar’s mission: providing excellent patient care. Instead of processing paperwork and organizing filed and unfiled claims, they’re able to handle office calls and other communication and better relate to patients, enhancing the patient experience and quality of care.

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Having negotiated over 50,000 contracts in all 50 states, PayrHealth has the knowledge and expertise to secure highly competitive rates and terms for your contracts, no matter how outdated they are or how big a player the payor is. We also have a team with over 40 years of experience in management of revenue cycles and helping you close down on lost revenue through your practice. Contact us today to learn more.