PayrHealth significantly cuts down enrollment time for Medical Group in Minnesota

Medical Group in Minnesota

Provider Type

Medical Group


Initially Pediatrics, grew into a multi-specialty practice


Eden Prairie, MN

About the Client

This Medical Group started as a single provider group with one location opening its doors on August 22, 2013. Since that time, they have expanded to include 25 providers, seven locations, and telehealth services. They specialize in Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Behavioral Health, and Sleep Disorders serving a large patient population in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota. They offer wellness and illness primary care for children and adults combining traditional, holistic, and integrative approaches. Specialized services include allergy care, advanced skincare, injection and IV therapy, and health supplements.

New providers are enrolled (and receiving payments) with all plans nearly 20 days faster than the national average.

Payrhealth has been assisting this provider group with credentialing services since 2013.

Client Need

In August 2013 a physician at the Medical Group was leaving the security of working for an existing medical practice and planned to open his own practice with the dreams of one day expanding. He hired PayrHealth to assist with Medicare and Medicaid enrollment as well as commercial health plan contracts under his new tax ID.

PayrHealth's Solution

PayrHealth has successfully completed over 400 applications and 300 CAQH re-attestations for 90 locations since 2013.

PayrHealth successfully enrolled this physician’s new practice in Medicare and Medicaid and obtained commercial contracts with 13 health plans in the region. Due to the quick work of PayrHealth staff, this physician was successful enough in his practice to hire another provider just a year and a half later. This physician at the Medical Group employed PayrHealth to complete the enrollment process for that provider, and then a third provider later that year. In 2017, he added three more providers and expanded his service agreement with PayrHealth to include maintenance of his existing providers and location additions, as well as enrollment of new providers. PayrHealth has enjoyed a nearly 10-year relationship with the Medical Group that is still strong today and this physician has the successful practice he envisioned back in 2013.

Key Services Utilized

Client Outcome

PayrHealth has successfully enrolled 25 providers and completed seven location additions. PayrHealth is also maintaining CAQH profiles. This equates to over 400 applications, over 330 CAQH re-attestations, and 90 location additions. These numbers do not include termed providers or re-credentialing applications and revalidations, but several of those have been completed throughout our relationship as well. New providers hired by this Medical Group are enrolled (and receiving payments) with all plans nearly 20 days faster than the national average.

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