Case Study:
California DME Outsources Managed Care Contracting

California durable medical equipment (DME) provider secures new agreements with top payors that significantly increase patient access and revenue.

Provider Type: DME

Specialty: Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) Products

Headquarters: Rodeo, CA

What Freedom Mobility Says about PayrHealth

PayrHealth delivers! We used to do all of our contracting in-house, but it was extremely time consuming and many payors seemed impenetrable. Once we made the decision to outsource our contracting to PayrHealth, they were able to get past the gatekeepers and secure contracts from payors who had previously told us “no.” PayrHealth has systematic strategies for getting through to the right person in a payor’s organization to make things happen. Contracting does take time so providers should have realistic expectations going in and be patient with the process. But when allowed enough time to work their magic, PayrHealth was able to secure multiple contracts for us, and they’re still working on securing many, many more. I highly recommend PayrHealth for any provider looking to expand their reach into additional payor networks.

Serina Breen
Chief Executive Officer


Freedom Mobility lacked the internal resources necessary to commit to payor contracting and decided to outsource this function in order to obtain agreements with the major payors, IPAs and medical groups in California.  Many payors had indicated that their networks were “closed” when Freedom had attempted to reach out directly.


Freedom Mobility partnered with PayrHealth to devise a payor portfolio strategy that would give them access to top payors in CA and get beyond the “closed network” response.


By partnering with PayrHealth to manage their payor contracting, Freedom Mobility renegotiated existing agreements and obtained new contracts with major payors and medical groups who typically have closed networks. Securing these payor agreements has given them access to new patients, and, in turn, increased their revenue.

Contracts Secured
with Top payors
0 M+
New Lives Accessed

About Freedom Mobility

Freedom Mobility has provided CRT services to California since 2007. They provide “customizable” mobility solutions and give their clients and ATPs the freedom to choose the models and configurations that best fit the client’s individual needs for a truly customizable mobility solution.

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