PayrHealth Announces Supero Healthcare Solutions Acquisition

Integrating a Proven Credentialing Services Platform to Strengthen its Payor Relationship Management Solution Suite.

AUSTIN, TexasSept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PayrHealth today announced that it has acquired Supero Healthcare Solutions, an Austin, TX-based provider enrollment and credentialing company founded in 2009. This acquisition deepens PayrHealth’s credentialing offerings and strengthens its integrated, proactive approach to payor relationship management.

Supero founder and CEO, Brian Agnew, said, “I am proud of the Company we have built. I can’t think of a better home for our employees and clients during this next chapter. PayrHealth is building a unique offering in the industry that will drive value.” Agnew will support the acquisition integration efforts serving in an advisory capacity.

PayrHealth can now offer this proven credentialing solution with 10+ years of experience delivering operational excellence and outcomes to its clients. PayrHealth previously offered more limited credentialing services exclusively to existing payor contracting and revenue cycle management clients.

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PayrHealth CEO, Armando Cardoso, said, “Credentialing is a critical function to optimize payor and revenue cycle management. Supero has developed excellent credentialing solutions, serving providers across the healthcare continuum and nation. Welcoming this talented credentialing team further strengthens our ability to integrate critical provider data and optimize reimbursement for healthcare providers.”

Ben Moe, Managing Partner at Osceola Capital Management, said, “This acquisition is a natural complement to the differentiated offering the PayrHealth management team is building. We will continue to partner with leaders of companies delivering quality revenue cycle management and credentialing services to structure transactions that create value.”

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