Dialysis Care

ASC Clinic in FL

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Provider Type
Ambulatory Surgical Center
Dialysis Care
Miami, FL


Renegotiated contracts to maximize revenue across 19 states


new payor contracts executed with PayrHealth

Client Need

The client did not have the necessary resources to fulfill their growth needs or network requirements. They needed assistance with legal entity updates for standing contracts while obtaining new contracts with priority payors and credentialing new providers. While conducting legal entity updates, PayrHealth discovered that a particular payor had been underpaying the client for almost 10 years.

PayrHealth's Solution

PayrHealth revealed that certain payors weren't living up to their agreements for this ASC in Florida. Our contract negotiation team immediately went to work.

PayrHealth’s goal was to thoroughly understand the client’s organizational structure and operations to accurately represent them in payor discussions. They provided detailed growth strategies to help the client reach their contracting goals and provided the client with information about payor contract language to break down the complexities of contracting and credentialing.

Key Services Utilized




Client Outcome

After partnering with PayrHealth, the client has executed 9 new payor contracts and gained access to 7.7 million more potential patients. Standing payor contracts were renegotiated and provider credentialing was completed for 11 payors.

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Having negotiated over 50,000 contracts in all 50 states, PayrHealth has the knowledge and expertise to secure highly competitive rates and terms for your contracts, no matter how outdated they are or how big a player the payor is. We also have a team with over 40 years of experience in management of revenue cycles and helping you close down on lost revenue through your practice. Contact us today to learn more.

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