Dermatology Practice in TN

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Provider Type
Single Specialty Group


Increased rates for several payors with the addition of carve out pathology codes


contracts negotiated/renegotiated

Client Need

This client recently began acquiring new entities in the Arizona, Texas, and West Virginia markets. They approached PayrHealth with the goal of completing a change of ownership for their newly acquired entities. Their goals were to complete the change of ownership and increase their rates in less than one year of engaging PayrHealth.

This client expressed several pain points before engaging PayrHealth, such as staff bandwidth and rapid growth projections due to their large acquisitions. This client sought out a team who could assist quickly and help to avoid disruption in patient care.

PayrHealth's Solution

An overall 14.5% increase in average rate increase across all three states.

PayrHealth provided contracting, consulting, analytics, and credentialing support to aid in this client’s acquisition efforts. PayrHealth accessed and analyzed all existing agreements, modeling their existing rates against market data. PayrHealth then updated each agreement (negotiating increased rates where possible) with their new Tax IDs and NPIs. This process was completed in just nine months, well below the client’s goal of 12 months – and without disruptions to patient access or care.

Key Services Utilized




Client Outcome

With the help of PayrHealth, this client accomplished its goal of changing ownership of its newly acquired entities and securing various rate increases. In all, PayrHealth completed eight changes of ownership with an additional nine approved and pending execution during that time. Additionally, PayrHealth accomplished a 14.5% average rate increase for the client across three states, West Virginia, Arizona, and Texas in less than one year.

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At PayrHealth, we have the industry knowledge and drive to help you navigate the acquisitions process and achieve more competitive contract rates. With the help of our team of experts, you can focus instead on providing an excellent patient experience. To learn more, reach out to our team today.

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