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Eyewear Dispensary (Nationwide)
Retail Eyewear Supplier
Farmer's Branch, TX


Tax IDs Updated for over 100 Locations for Eyewear Retailer

PayrHealth provided a centralized database with a detailed profile of existing locations

Client Need

Retail Eyewear Supplier required assistance with changing their Tax ID with existing state Medicaid (and in some cases Medicare) enrollments while continuing to serve patients without disruption.

PayrHealth's Solution

75% of enrollments have been revalidated over time by PayrHealth

PayrHealth completed the task of updating their Tax ID at over 100 locations and the client decided to continue using our services to complete Medicaid enrollment needed for new locations and maintenance for existing Medicaid enrollments (revalidation). PayrHealth created a centralized database with a detailed profile for each existing location including Medicare (when applicable) and Medicaid numbers, effective dates, and when applicable, revalidation dates. PayrHealth has partnered with Eyewear Dispensary (Nationwide) in their continued growth and as of the end of 2022, they have 230 locations across the US.

Key Services Utilized




Client Outcome

What goals did this client reach because of PayrHealth?
This Retail Eyewear Supplier has grown by 100 locations since partnering with PayrHealth for their Medicaid enrollment. PayrHealth has completed over 100 initial applications and approximately 75 revalidations since the engagement began in 2014.

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