PayrHealth's team renegotiates essential payor contract, securing multi-year escalators before termination

Delta Health System

Provider Type

Hospital System




Greenville, MS

About the Client

Delta Health is a multi-hospital health system serving patients in Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi. They are the premier healthcare provider in the region, employing hundreds of skilled employees to offer integrated specialty services. Providing both in- and out-patient services and specializing in heart attack and vascular emergencies, Delta Health’s network of facilities cover the complete healthcare needs of their communities, including obstetrics, oncology, surgery, sleep science, and more. This over-75-year-old institution trains and equips leaders in healthcare to continue serving their communities and preparing them for careers in medicine here or elsewhere in the US.

100% CMS rates for hospital services

Physician facility rates increased by 15%

Client Need

Delta Health enlisted PayrHealth to negotiate United Health Care’s agreement as it approached its termination, further extending the health plan’s relationship with the hospital system as well as re-negotiating key terms, such as multi-year escalation clauses.

PayrHealth's Solution

5% increase for hospital services

PayrHealth’s team was able to successfully re-negotiate the UHC contract, securing multi-year escalators while saving it from termination.

Key Services Utilized

Client Outcome

Utilizing PayrHealth’s team and communications strategy, Delta Health was able to re-negotiate multiple hospital fee schedule increases, resulting in single- or double-digit reimbursement rate percentage increases nearly across the board.

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