California durable medical equipment (DME) provider secures high-priority agreements with payors that significantly increase patient access

Precision Medical Products

Provider Type

DME (durable medical equipment)


Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prevention products


Rocklin, CA

About the Client

Precision Medical Products provides the nation’s leading non-pharma take-home DVT preventative products, technology, and services to all patients who are at-risk post-surgery. They provide seamless home delivery of rehabilitative spine and orthopedic bracing and compression units.

3 contracts secured with top payors

6M+ new lives accessed

Client Need

Precision Medical Products did not have the dedicated resources necessary to commit to payor contracting. They intended to outsource the challenging process in order to obtain agreements with the major payors in their region. Their top priority was to contract with three large commercial payors who had previously indicated to them that the networks were “closed.”

PayrHealth's Solution

Precision Medical Products, using PayrHealth's payor contracting, was able to break through previously closed off network opportunities.

Precision Medical Products joined forces with PayrHealth to create a path into the top payors in CA. PayrHealth utilized their payor contact database to appropriately escalate requests to access the network and secure meetings with three of Precision’s priority targets.

Key Services Utilized

Client Outcome

By enlisting PayrHealth to assist with their payor contracting, Precision Medical Products obtained new contracts with major payors who typically have closed networks. They were able to gain access to new patients and saw increased revenue. Precision Medical Products was with PayrHealth from 2018-2019.

“PayrHealth has been a pleasure to work with in DME contract acquisition. The regular contact, both with us and the payor(s) that they negotiate with, as well as the transparency and access to updates on each ‘target’ has been paramount. Their ability to keep pushing beyond the usual “panel closed” response has allowed them to secure prime payor contracts for our company. Thank You!”

– Marc Reynolds
Chief Revenue Cycle Officer

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