VA Fertility Testing sees 30% average reimbursement lift rate on top payor contracts

Virginia Fertility & IVF

Provider Type

Physician Group


Fertility Clinic


Charlottesville, VA

About the Client

Virginia Fertility & IVF offers all levels of female and male infertility evaluation, treatment, and reproductive services. We are the only dedicated, comprehensive fertility clinic in Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Roanoke, and the surrounding region. With our focus directed to providing quality patient care, we did not have adequate time or resources to renegotiate outdated insurance contracts. We decided to engage PayrHealth and successfully renegotiated our contracts with top payors in our service area. PayrHealth helped us to adjust our reimbursement rates to be more in line with the market average and locked in annual inflators and multi-year escalators so we can stay consistent with market trends for years to come.

45% reimbursement rate increase on top payor contract

$257,000 in total reimbursement increases in top 5 renegotiated payor contracts

Client Need

Virginia Fertility & IVF needed to renegotiate their existing contracts and add new CPT codes to their fee schedules, but were unsure of where to start or who to contact. Virginia Fertility & IVF knew they were no longer being compensated appropriately and chose to call in the contracting and renegotiation experts to successfully produce results. 

PayrHealth's Solution

Nearly 30% average reimbursement lift rate on top payor contracts

Through strategic partnerships, tactical negotiations, and financial market comparison modeling, PayrHealth was able to create a compelling value proposition and successfully engage our payors. PayrHealth prioritized renegotiation of our outdated contracts and, through their persistence, were able to finalize multiple contracts that are above market averages, add new codes allowing us to expand our business, and include multi-year escalators for fee for service contracts with our top payors.

Key Services Utilized

Client Outcome

As a result of partnering with PayrHealth, we see higher reimbursement rates, can perform new services in-network, and have a better understanding of the contracting process with payors. The return on investment will be significant and the payback on the cost of services will be extremely fast. By completing these renegotiations, we are able to provide quality care to our patients and be fairly reimbursed in the market for years to come. 

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Having negotiated over 50,000 contracts in all 50 states, PayrHealth has the knowledge and expertise to secure highly competitive rates and terms for your contracts, no matter how outdated they are or how big a player the payor is.