2 Year PayrHealth Partnership Yields 10 Executed Contracts with 6 In-Progress

Yosemite Pathology

Provider Type



Anatomic Pathology



About the Client

Yosemite Pathology is a premier provider of anatomic pathology services, headquartered in California, with presence throughout the Western United States. Yosemite Pathology employs more than 20 Board-Certified Anatomic Pathologists, with a broad range of specialties that include, Cytopathology, Dermatopathology, Gastrointestinal Pathology, Hematopathology and Thyroid Pathology. Yosemite Pathology physicians serve as laboratory medical directors in over 15 hospitals, providing superior professional services. Yosemite Pathology also provides advanced diagnostic testing which can resolve the most challenging laboratory needs with high-quality, specialized reporting. In short, Yosemite Pathology helps physicians and patients make important healthcare decisions and provides better treatment outcomes for their patients.

Upcoming contract negotiations have 1M+ patient lives potential compared to 800K in past 2 years

Contract negotiation service covers 20 anatomic pathologists at 15 hospitals

Client Need

Yosemite Pathology sought the assistance of PayrHealth to gain IPA contracts in California with a focus on entering the Southern California market.

PayrHealth's Solution

10 successfully executed in desired Southern California market

PayrHealth provided contracting support to Yosemite Pathology and worked to execute various agreements with prominent IPAs in the Southern California market. By partnering with PayrHealth, Yosemite Pathology successfully executed 10 contracts in their desired market.

Key Services Utilized

Client Outcome

Thanks to PayrHealth, Yosemite Pathology was able to successfully enter the Southern California market, negotiate and execute new payer agreements. With the success of their new agreements, Yosemite Pathology was able to access a total of 867,000+ new lives with a potential of 1 million additional lives in process.

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