PayrHealth Helps Women's Health Group Gain Network Participation & Establish Legal Entity

Provider Type

Maternal & Women’s Health


Lactation Consultations


Multiple Locations in United States

About the Client

This client offers the expertise of several International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants to help patients improve maternal-child health through virtual lactation services. As the first successful women’s health service of their kind, their goal was to expand into a greater variety of maternal and women’s health services with fair rates.

14.9 lives with 5.1 more pending

10 payor contracts with 7 more pending

Client Need

This client sought out PayrHealth to assist with overall support with payor outreach and navigating their legal entity status to complete the steps needed for their growth plan. Among many things, the client needed to establish new contracts in their area, untangle claims issues dealing with denials and incorrect reimbursements, and better conform to contract requirements in their appropriate specialty networks.

PayrHealth's Solution

PayrHealth delivered contract success for a pioneering women's health service that has grown in both the in-person and telehealth realms.

PayrHealth offered invaluable guidance on payor relationship maintenance, strategic partnerships, and contract negotiations to help this client deliver their services to patients around the nation. PayrHealth’s expertise in strategy helped to develop workable solutions and anticipate their contracting needs for their various expansions.

Key Services Utilized

Client Outcome

This client executed 10 payor contracts with the help of PayrHealth and gained access to over 14.9M lives in the United States. With PayrHealth’s continued support this client is anticipating 7 additional payor contracts and access to 5.1M more lives. PayrHealth was able to assist in the establishment of this client’s market position by helping them adhere to legal entity changes, fostering provider-payor relationships, overturning network participation denials, and much more.

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Having negotiated over 50,000 contracts in all 50 states, PayrHealth has the knowledge and expertise to secure highly competitive rates and terms for your contracts, no matter how outdated they are or how big a player the payor is.